Empower Collaboration: Three Ways to Configure Your Meeting Space

Henry Ford once said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” With that belief in mind, he founded the Ford Motor Company and made automobiles affordable to middle-class households.

Not all projects will turn into a billion dollar business but we have to admit, two (or more) heads are better than one. However, it took us a while to realize, we not only need more than one brain to achieve a better outcome, where we meet also makes a difference.

Our environment affects the way we think and communicate. We tend to have more positive feelings and express our thoughts more freely in a relaxed environment, such as home or a café. A simple meeting room with a table and a few chairs may not be enough to unleash our greatest potential. Designers from all over the world set out to seek different ways to generate positive energy at work – from colour therapy, biophilic design, to furniture styling, all in effort to bring in the essence of first and third spaces and recreate an inviting work environment that keep employees in happily.

We are breaking the boundaries of meeting spaces to harness the power of collaboration more effectively. With the help of breakthrough technologies nowadays, a group meeting with a team sitting together, or scattered around the world can be done easily in many ways.

Here are three ways to configure your meeting space:

Make It Homey

A home-like office environment creates a community based on mutual trust and effortless interactions between workers. Use a combination of lounges and ottomans to create a homey office environment where workers can synergize in a relaxed setting.

Add Some Privacy

A privacy booth is a small, enclosed space designed to help individuals or small groups to focus and concentrate on their work. It’s a cost-effective way to provide a quiet, private space for work without taking up a lot of floor space.

Keep It Flexible

Modular furniture is a popular choice in workplaces as it’s flexible and lightweight, which allows for easy reconfiguration of office spaces as needs change. It is often used in small spaces where maximizing the use of available space is important. It can also be used as a room divider in a bigger space to create different zones such as a breakout area or meeting space.

Levata Lounge

Why not add some power access*?

What’s worse than falling asleep in a meeting is running out power on your device when you are in the middle of an exciting presentation. Avoid such embarrassing moment by adding a power access to your lounge.

Our lounges come with an optional TUF-PD Twin USB Fast Charging socket that incorporates a USB-C port and a world-first reversible A connector port. It can charge up mobile devices at optimum speeds – only ten minutes for a low battery boost and charge up to 20% of battery life for most newer mobile phones. For devices that still require USB-A charging port, the reversible A connector allows a quick single-attempt connection where the USB connector can be inserted both ways.

*Available with selected models only.